Its output level is decent, so gain won't be an issue with most partnering phono stages.
There have been many changes over the past two years since I joined 6moons.
All subjects within the soundstage remained continuously interconnected to the ambience left to right, front to back and top to bottom.
I had never experienced such a wholesome musical presentation and I shall write a complete review on this system after proper break-in has run its course and I have gained a more complete understanding of the different components in this chain.There's never a sense that the deck is having to work hard, even when something demanding like Orff's.And we hoped for a lot.But the 4 pairs of isobarically loaded woofers at the back of each Hørning Eufrodite are not an easy or reasonable load for any 5-watt 300B mono amp.Packed with clever thinking, as befits a product called Innovation, there are plenty of clever ideas incorporated into the design.A byline to his audiophile bio?The improvement in sonic performance is worth every penny of the 390 it adds to the standard Universal's 3110 price.I agreed very much with his observations and had in fact noticed how I listened far more to my friend Marvel's system or the demo system of local Hong Kong retailer.Combine the Innovation Wood, Universal and DaVinci V2 and you have a world-class turntable package.This range was blocchetto gratta e vinci turista per sempre smooth, coherent and airy.Carmen suite and, noyes's Fludde.Ever since, I had been working hard to rescue my Kharma setup.I think this is the ultimate purpose for any component/system.I truly enjoyed the Wavac combo for about one week before I had to return the 805s to m at Audio Exotics who subsequently sold them to another Kharma owner.Confirm save, would you like to download the current image?They sounded like human flesh to me, with exquisite textures, transparency and openness.This was also the first time I truly grasped the spatial resolving power of the Orpheus Heritage DAC, a marvelous converter in conjunction with the slim Orpheus Zero transport.My own speakers sounded as though they had not broken in at all after the latest upgrade to Black Diamond status I'd performed in June of that year.There now is so much more immediacy and coherence, far more leading edge, more timbral colors, more harmonics and hence plainly more music delivered as one giant yet seamless sonic picture.

Normally, arms feel fragile, but not this one.