Leonardo da Vinci este una dintre cele mai importante personaliti ale Renaterii.
The Trulli of Alberobello / unesco World Heritage Centre website.
Enciclopedia italiana di scienze, lettere ed arti.Almost as a sculptor he works with enamel, paint and other materials.His «school of life» continued in New York where he took painting lessons and made frescoes on the walls of buildings at Cornell University.Leonardo da Vinci a fcut studii ale oaselor, muchilor i organelor interne, inclusiv inima i creierul.Expoziia va fi amenajat în Galeria Reginei i va include i copertele între care au fost pstrate schiele lui Da Vinci între secolele XVI i XIX.If so, then what kind of personal reminiscences generate his other images?Bari : Leonardo da Vinci, 1964.Potrivit cercettorilor, acesta inteniona s îi publice studiile, dar a murit în 1519.It is void of any definite shape or symbolism but ever present in all of his works, both in abstracts Entering «Body Motion and portraits Mema Swimming «Claudio «Ella.Then his life changed dramatically: he subsequently spent 13 years working for financial businesses on Wall Street, then as of 1996 in Brazil, while painting remained his passion.Da Vinci i-a lsat caietele asistentului su, Francesco Melzi.Are these the images recalling Janérs memories of Brazil?Roma : Casa del libro, 1983.The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents «My Global Self» by Jay Janér, the first show of the Brazilian artists in Moscow, consisting of over thirty works from offerta samsung tab s2 lte his series: Portraits and Abstractions."Aceste coperte erau un fel de cufr pentru schie.Ragnar Lovatelli Janer was born to a family taglie francesi a cosa corrispondono of an Italian author and a Swedish businessman living in Brazil.Moscow City Government, moscow City Department for Culture, russian Academy of Arts.La valle dei trulli / Con testi di Leonardo Sinisgalli, Giuseppe Cocchiara, Enzo Minchilli.Roma : Istituto della Enciclopedia italiana fondata da Giovanni Treccani, 1950.Effortlessly and elegantly he uses pigments streaming from his brush, or sponge.Jay Janérs work contains his subconscious knowledge of burning lava, primeval seas, roots and branches of symbolic trees, which either bend into the most unusual non-figurative ornamentation or meet to portray a recognizable human face.

There is no surprise that Jay Janér declares his predilection for action painting, a wonderful artistic discovery made in the New World  a melting pot of diverse cultures and collective memories.
Architettura e storia dei trulli : Alberobello, un paese da conservare.
One of most well-known action painters is, of course, Jackson Pollack.