"The Forster Codices: Leonardo da Vinci's Notebooks at the V A".
The Last Supper is Leonardo da Vinci's most famous work of religious art.21 The Battle of Anghiari Commissioned Peter Paul Rubens, copy of Leonardo's The Battle of Anghiari (pictured).Anne ( 1510) - Louvre, Paris, France.(originally 62) Milan, Biblioteca Trivulziana, Castello Sforzesco Codex Forster Five pocket notebooks bound into three volumes, here listed in chronological order.33 Described as by Leonardo himself by Professor Carlo Pedretti, in 1985.The attribution of the Ginevra de' Benci has supported the attribution of this painting.Venus and Cupid, 16th century, Oil on panel, New Orleans Museum of Art, USA.1, the small number of surviving paintings is due in part to Leonardo's frequently disastrous experimentation with new techniques and his chronic procrastination.Giovanni Francesco Rustici, cesare Borgia - Warrior, nicolo Machiavelli - writer.41 London, Victoria and Albert Museum Paris Manuscript B Folio 80r.In Florence he entered the service of Cesare ukash voucher 10 euro Borgia (also called "Duca Valentino" and son of Pope Alexander VI) as a military architect and engineer.Painted for the King of Portugal, it was in the collection of Ottaviano de' Medici in Vasari's lifetime.1495 Notes on the theory of proportions and other miscellaneous material.In Helmstutler Di Dio, Kelley.His longest relationship was with Gian Giacomo da Kaprotti Oreno, whom he called Salai (Little Devil).
The Wax Horse is "attributed to Leonardo." Not so fast, said Jack Wasserman, an art historian at Temple University in Philadelphia.
The Complete Paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.