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Da Vinci: The Artist Grades.
This course with.Washington and Lee University, examines one of Leonardos most important scientific exerciseshis detailed study of human anatomyand connects this work to his truly advanced approach to representing the human form in his paintings.Wednesday, March 13.m.Probably not, but you both would love this workshop!An exhibition dedicated to the universal genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, in the heart of Florence and with different traveling all over the world, the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci offers each visitor a unique experience where the sensory perception and knowledge of "Leonardo" marry.Ka Chun Yu will be your guides on this journey.We are situated in San Rocco Square beside Scuola Grande di San Rocco.An ability to think outside the box to solve problems?Tuesday, August 20.m.Adults, renaissance Revelry, test thy jousting skills and attend court with our historical enactors who set the stage for some fun and frolic.Saturday, March 9.m.2.m.A knack with machines and brilliant mind for design?
During this four-hour experience, youll learn all about what made Leonardo da Vinci a master of High Renaissance art, visit the exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius, and make your own masterpieces of scientific illustration.