Both handsets allow expandable microSD card storage.
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Of course, it'd be up to every customer to decide for themselves, but we prefer the compact and comfortable design of the Samsung Galaxy S4, regardless of its plastic exterior.
Resolution-wise, everything is top-notch, even with the Galaxy S4's PenTile matrix.The Samsung Galaxy S6 has an excellent display with a utilizzo voucher pensionati higher resolution and with the Exynos chipset, plenty of power, so it is likely to be slightly faster than the Sony handset.Xperia XZ2, bringing a fresh new take on what you can expect from a handset coming out of the Japanese brand.View percentuale di sconto ticket restaurant gallery - 11 images.Until the Xperia Z cocker taglia piccola o media is put through its paces, though, take Sony's claims of "outstanding" uptime with grains of salt.Both devices offer a fingerprint scanner.The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a fabulous 16-megapixel camera and has been one of the strongest performers of the year. .View more 5 images, view more 5 images, loading.Last year, the, samsung Galaxy S III was the undisputed King of Android.In our opinion, the Super amoled panel of the GS4 is superior thanks to its higher contrast, more vibrant colors and much better viewing angles.The global edition settles for.That said, we do appreciate the glass exterior of the Xperia Z, which is much more ambitious than the plastic casing of the Samsung Galaxy.Samsung might just edge this one, but it's a closely fought battle.Size, these are two big smartphones.Both will offer security and support for fingerprint authentication, although Smasung's scanner also doubles as a magnetic strip reader.While the back does curve a little, it fits nicely into the hand, and it's mostly reachable with a single digit.The Samsung Galaxy S4 (left) and the Sony Xperia Z (right).Samsung's design is a little more original, as Sony is only a small step away from its previous device, but the build of both is excellent.The Xperia Z comes out of this showdown looking good.

The Samsung Exynos, however, has been a great performer.
Both have a 5-megapixel front-facing snapper.