trailing vinca minor

Some have variegated foliage.
5 Cultivars edit.However, once established, they are difficult to get rid.T runk not applicable, iD S ummary dark evergreen, elliptical, shiny, opposite leaves on thin, light green, trailing stems that root at the nodes are the main feature of this groundcover for shady spots, with sparse blue-purple flowers codice sconto per motorstock in Spring.Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association.Retrieved August 19, 2012.Feuilles et fleur, fleurs, liens externes, référence.Minor are 7 to 15 cm, and can grow up to.The bloom time depends on the location.Chemical Communications (28 4275.Major grow well in full sun (with plenty of water) and in deep shade too.Some produce white while some produce pink flowers."Alkaloids of Vinca minor".J.; Hernandez-Laguna,.; Galvez-Ruano,.C'est une plante des sous-bois, rampante.Argenteovariegata There are numerous cultivars, with different flower colours and variegated foliage.Major are 15 to 45 cm, and can grow up to 70 or even 90 cm high.T exture fine texture thick density A ssets evergreen groundcover has sparse but attractive Spring blossoms (rare for an evergreen groundcover) L iabilities can become invasive beyond its intended boundaries (even into lawn areas) by its trailing and shallowly-rooting stems Vinca Stem Blight will cause.Then water can be supplied occasionally.The fruit is a pair of follicles.5 centimetres (0.98 in) long, containing numerous seeds.
It is better to grow them in partial shade.
The leaves are evergreen, opposite,.5 centimetres (0.791.77 in) long and.5 centimetres (0.390.98 in) broad, glossy dark green with a leathery texture and an entire margin.

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The bloom time may vary according to the location.
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