Received a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit (1993).
Periwinkle, plant number:.655.150, also known as Myrtle, and an extremely popular evergreen groundcover.
Soil pH, neutral or, alkaline or, acid.
Care Level, easy, appearance and Characteristics, flower Colour.Optimal Growing Conditions, sun Exposure, partial Shade or, full Shade.Gently press the soil down around the plants to tagli capelli viso tondo estate 2018 remove any air pockets that may be around the roots.This less common selection forms a dense mat of glossy dark green leaves, studded with deep wine-purple flowers in spring.Prefers moist, humusy soils in part shade.Accent: Good Texture/Form, alpine Rock, attracts Butterflies.Water: Dry to medium, maintenance: Medium, suggested Use: Ground Cover, Naturalize.Zone: 4 to 8, height:.25.50 feet, spread:.50.50 feet.Very shade tolerant, the leaves will sometimes scorch in too much sun.However, the best spots for Vinca are ones that receive partial shade and partial sun.Evergreen, ground Cover, massed, woodland, flower Head Size, very Small.Plan to water your plants every few days if you are not receiving 1 inch of rainfall in your area per week.Vinca minor are smaller than those of, vinca major.The plant is a low grower that reaches about 6 inches in height, and it has taglio di capelli per sembrare più grande a trailing vine habit.Mowing the patch low after blooming every couple of years will help to keep it thick.Late Spring, foliage Color, deep Green, plant Uses Characteristics.Problems, no serious insect problems but vince stem canker (blight) can damage or kill large patches.Genus name is from Latin meaning to bind or wind around in reference to the long, flexible stems that were used in wreath making.
Noteworthy Characteristics, vinca minor commonly know as vinca or periwinkle is one of the most popular and widely used ground covers.
The plant also can be planted directly beneath trees and shrubs on lawns to add bursts of color.

Height 10-15 cm 4-6 inches Spread 45-60 cm 18-23 inches Foot Traffic Moderate Growth Rate Medium.
Use a small shovel or a hand trowel to dig holes 10 to 12 inches apart if you want there to be spacing between the plants.
Also commonly called dwarf periwinkle and creeping myrtle.