Yuriy Mynenko (a star of the xxl a che taglia corrisponde recent Five Countertenors CD see last issue) is again a standout as the even nastier Megabise.
Complementing the CD version of the opera released in Autumn 2012, this DVD features no fewer than five of the worlds leading countertenors assuming both male and female roles: Philippe Jaroussky, Max Emanuel Cencic, Franco Fagioli, Valer Barna-Sabadus and Yuriy Mynenko.
Composer: Handel, composition: Opera arias, performer: Philippe Jaroussky ct, Artaserse, catalogue Number: Erato.Subtitles: French, German, English, Italian).Sí, la voglio e lotterró shows off Jarousskys acting skills as well as his superbly controlled melisma.Those were the words of the French website.Shortlisted for the prestigious Gramophone Awards in 2013, the CD version of Vincis Artaserse was described.The latters end of Act One showstopper is one of the most extraordinary vocal feats youll likely ever hear.Stille amare from, tolomeo on repeat.The dramatic heart of the collection.Featuring a stellar line-up of no less than five countertenors (thanks to prudish Roman fashions, the womens parts too were written for men the opera, composed in the high-Neapolitan gallant style is a glorious succession of imaginatively scored virtuosic arias with no duds and plenty.Handel had no hesitation in adapting whole roles to suit new singers and for his Handel Album French star counter tenor Philippe Jaroussky does the same, making some of his material more bespoke than off the peg.For the 19 tracks, he has chosen some of the lesser-known operas among the 35 Handel composed for London between 17Jaroussky has performed many of the arias over the years but Erato gave him the opportunity to weave them into a well thought out program.Artaserse was one of the hit libretti of the period, set by everyone who was anyone, but Vincis is rather special.Those were the words of the French website Classique News when Leonardo Vincis rediscovered Artaserse was staged by Silviu Purcãrete at the Opéra National de Lorraine in Nancy.As the ultra-nasty father, Juan Sancho snarls and glowers, chewing up anything unlucky enough to come in his path.Diego Fasolis whips Concerto Köln into a frenzy of colourful passion and the sound is pretty good for a live opera captured without benefit of head-mics, just a little recessed at times.Go on, be seduced.Gramophone as a sensational landmark recording; International Record Review judged it an outstanding performance and the most important Baroque opera discovery of the year so far, with the reviewer adding that I cant recommend it highly enough, especially if you like countertenors, while.Well known or not, these works are tagliare e montare video con movie maker vintage Handel in all his guises heroic, lyrical, dramatic and there is plenty of buried treasure (the lilting flute lines.The light swing.Ombra cara from, radamisto, which runs to a glorious eight minutes with strings providing a lush blanket for the singers pure soprano tone and faultless phrasing.When Arbace wont dob on dad, a tangled web of blame and deceit ensues before all comes good in a magnanimous finale involving a poisoned chalice.
This is a must-have album that has been on high rotation in this reviewers household with.
The villainous vizier (Artabano) has killed his king letting suspicion fall upon his own son (Arbace best friend to the new king (Artaserse).